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  • Product no.: E75TRP
  • Product sizes: A4, A3, SRA3

EXPERT Transparent Film - Removable Adhesive 75 gsm/53microns - Paper Release 

AppFactory Expert 75TRP is a 75gsm clear aqueous coated polyester film, with a cling/ultra-removable adhesive laminated to a 140gsm kraft paper release liner. The construction is optimised for dry toner print applications.


Suitable for most thermal transfer and dry toner (laser/LED) print processes, both mono and colour production machines. On such machines the user must establish for themselves the optimum settings and paper path, being aware of the thickness and weight of the material. The printable surface is also suitable for screen print, offset litho (using only fully oxidising inks).

Applications and characteristics:

- Glass clear film to create window displays and removable stickers.
- After removal of release film, the cling surface sticks to glass, gloss paint & non-coated metals & non-coated plastics (ABS, PP, HDPE).
- Ideal for window signage, counter labels, packing labels, retail coller & freezer signs.
- No adhesive residue and it can be repositioned easily.

Cautions: Some surfaces such as Formica may cause the cling surface to behave like a permanent adhesive after time. Please see our separate guidance sheet for further detail on usage.

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