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About Us


AppFactory is a leading global provider of certified printable synthetic print media for digital printing technologies. Its main focus is to bring new application ideas and related substrates to the industrial market which will enable its industry customers to become more cost- and time-effective in the production process by eliminating the need to laminate and/or encapsulate.

We offer the largest selection of waterproof, weatherproof, chemical proof, tear-resistant, and static-controlled synthetic media ranging from matt white synthetics to permanent and easy-peel adhesives and a large variety of pre-perforated and pre-folded materials, supported on the widest range of digital printing technologies.

There can be no doubt that the toner age has arrived for both desktop and production digital printers. Serious applications are possible with digital presses and laser printers. Consider the benefits: no drying time, no questions about light-resistance. With the correct materials, serious scratch - and wet - rub resistance. While every print, and most materials, gets affected by direct sunlight over time, the combination of toner printing and film makes medium-term (say 6 months) outdoor signage possible without lamination.

Top-coated polyester films for industrial applications are now available thanks to our new generation alcohol-resistant coating. Now simple digital print can also be used in hot, cold, humid, and greasy environments!

And the possibilities at Point of Sales are almost limitless! We specialize in polyester-based filmic materials, both plain and with various forms of adhesives, which can be used for more than just printing a tear-resistant page.

Print applications that matter...Ideas turned into shape by toner-based technology!

AppFactory not only offers a leading global brand of certified printable synthetic papers for digital printing technologies…no, its added-value role became clear to the digital printing community once it turned its synthetics, “AppFactory Expert’, into "shaped" functional and decorative applications...exploitable in many sectors and market segments ranging from heavy industry segments such as aeronautics & aerospace, automotive, oil and chemical sector, lighting and furniture industry and the manufacturing industry in general to hospitality and retail sectors, education, national and international organizations, etc.

AppFactory clearly sees the potential of its products in the printing market and wants to make its mark by bringing a need to the printing market, a need to be present in the production process and even on the production line and a need for an ultra-durable, superb quality and innovative end-product that saves time and money, all while increasing productivity and visuals.

Thanks to our partnership with manufacturers of toner-based equipment, we are able to turn our ideas into shape and help our partners in optimizing their printing potential by continuously focusing on new application ideas and related substrates, and educating every printer, graphic designer, creative agency etc about the endless possibilities synthetics offer.



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